Do I Qualify?

Providence Supportive Housing is more than just an apartment building. We’re here to make sure eligible individuals in our community have a safe and affordable place to call home. We believe a stable home environment is essential to healthy living.

Each “house” as we like to call them has specific eligibility requirements. Please make sure to read the criteria for the individual house(s) you are interested in before you submit your application. You can find specific criteria listed on each house page.

General Qualifications Include:

  • Applicant is a disabled adult or is elderly; and
  • Applicant qualifies as very low-income according to income guidelines established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This means the household income is no higher than 50% of Area Median Income.

In some of our houses, applicants who meet specific preference criteria may receive priority placement on the wait list. Please be sure to read information about preferences for the individual house(s) you are interested in. Some of those preferences include:

  • Household income is 30% of the Area Median Income or lower; or
  • Applicant is currently paying 50% or more of their annual income for rent and utilities; or
  • Applicant is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless; or
  • Applicant is currently living in substandard housing